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 Learn a Real Approach to Writing a Screenplay

After years of asking for this – now you can take my Craft of Screenwriting course on-line!

Taught by Tony Savant, you will learn the essential fundamental elements contained in all well-constructed stories, screenplays and films.  Mr. Savant’s approach is largely based on the principles contained in Lajos Egri’s classic, “The Art of Dramatic Writing”, adapted exclusively to screenplay structure.  But Savant also offers his experience of many years studying, deconstructing and analyzing the finest films and screenplays ever written and what they have in common, as well as studying the master directors and writers who made these pictures.

The course aims at demystifying the screenwriting process and giving you a real, practical, step-by-step approach to writing a well-constructed script, from the conception of an idea to finished product.  Everything is presented in a clear, accessible manner.  Read more About the Course.

Price: $199 (equal to his 12 week course, which costs $450)

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Part 1 – Screenplay Fundamentals
Introduction to Course
What makes a Quality Screenplay
Premise or Theme
Forming a Premise or Theme
Writing a One-Sentence Synopsis (Logline)
Part 2 – Character – Anatomy of a Story
The Fundamental Elements of Drama
Designing Three-Dimensional Characters
Character Transition & Growth
Spines vs Objectives
Character Orchestration
Unity of Opposites
Part 3 – Conflict
Nature of Conflict
Cause and Effect
Conflict and Action
Conflict Reveals Character
4 Kinds of Conflict
Part 4 – Screenplay Structure
Point of Attack
Three Act Structure
Crisis, Climax, Resolution
Major Crisis Points of Three Act Structure
Short Three-Act Outline Guide
Part 5 – Screenplay Form
Writing The Dialogue
Elements of Screenplay Form
More Screenwriting Conventions
15 Screenwriting Principles, Element & Helpful Hints

Part 6 – Screenwriting Steps
The One-Sentence Synopsis (Logline)
Developing a Short 3 Act Outline
Character Design
Detailed, Scene-by-Scene Outline
Writing the Script
Part 7 – Day 1: Screenplay/Film Analysis of “Chinatown”
Introduction and Principles of Film Analysis
Scene-by-Scene Analysis & Deconstruction of Act I
Laying the Foundation of Premise/Theme
Foreshadowing Conflict
Analysis of Characters
Part 8 – Day 2: Analysis of “Chinatown”
Scene-by-Scene Analysis & Deconstruction of Act II & III
Analysis and Discussion of Premise/Theme
Analysis of Three-Act Structure
Analysis of Characters (Tri-Dimensional, Spines, Objectives)
Understanding Unity of Opposites
Part 9 – Screenwriting Exercises
Exercises on Premise or Theme
Character Development Exercises
Screenplay Form & Structure Exercises
Advanced Screenwriting Exercises
Part 10 – Final Exericse: Writing a Short Script
Developing Your Story Idea
Using the Screenwriting Steps
Writing & Re-Writing the Script
Having an Approach to Writing Any Script

  • 30 Hours of Video Lectures on the Fundamentals of Screenwriting
  • Writing Exercises to learn Fundamentals and Cultivate Writing Skills
  • Receive Many Written Guides & Handouts, PLUS Notes on the Lessons
  • Learn a Step-by-Step Approach to writing any screenplay

Price: $199
Special Playhouse West Member Limited Christmas price: $100