10 Part Screenwriting Course
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  • Part 7: Screenplay / Film Analysis of Chinatown (Act I)

    The goal of this exercise and discussion is to use the film, Chinatown, to illustrate how a good screenplay and film is constructed.  We will be going through this film, stopping and starting it, scene-by-scene, deconstructing and analyzing the film and taking a look at the script and comparing it to what was up on the screen.

    By the end of this exercise you should have an excellent frame of reference for all the fundamental elements of a well-crafted script that have been discussed thus far.  This well-executing film will also teach you a great deal about the crafts of filmmaking, directing and acting as well.

    Before entering into this section, you will need a DVD copy of Chinatown before you begin this section, as you will be going back and forth from the discussion and analysis, to viewing the film.  You will be instructed when to stop and start the discussion, as well as the film.